Our Corporate Social Responsibity policy consists of our 5 pillars:

People > Planet > Profit > Process > Packaging

Looking at the above mentioned 5 P’s, we focus both on (global) food waste and the environmental impact of Plastics. We strictly follow the rules and advice of KIDV and Rethink.

The area of sustainability is an ongoing process and worthwhile mentioning is that we have developed a green PE with 50% raw material coming from renewable source for a large retailer in the Netherlands. Through a unique combination of a new generation metallocenes, renewable resins and 5-layer extrusion we have realised a thickness reduction of 20%.
We have also developed a shrink wrap consisting of more than 30% post-industrial recycled PE-material.
Thickness reduction is always a good initiative to reduce environmental impact and our product specialists are always available to discuss and advice about the possibilities for your industry.

By the way, our produced PE is already recyclable for years!