growing substrates

If you aim to give the yield of your greenhouse a boost, we advise you to buy slabs or blocks from one of our partners.

Both for vegetable, propagation and floriculture solutions, we supply the best substrate films available. Tomatoes, sweet peppers or roses, we are able to find the best film solution for your blocks or slabs by our value chain cooperation.

With our 3-layer blown film extruder, we are able to print inline with inks on waterbase. For the most sophistic images, we can use our ‘flexo print center of excellence’. 

Partnership; by our value chain cooperation, we help our customers to supply ‘yield boosting’ solutions.

Performance; intensified supply chain cooperations with our partners, are the base for supporting in lead time improvements and working capital reductions.

Premium Quality; our premium quality films in combination with our customers’ substrates, guarantee the most colorful and tasteful greenhouse harvest.