frozen foods

Co-extruded films and laminated films for frozen food packaging. Frozen foods require packaging that differentiates it in the freezer aisles, functions well in the hands of the consumer and critically performs perfectly on filling lines.

We have been at the forefront of developments in frozen food film packaging for many years and have produced packaging materials that are used widely on a global scale helping brands to stand out and be successful. We produce packaging to pack frozen French fries, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and ready meals plus many other products.

Various CoEx film and laminated film structures are available for frozen food packaging offering the following properties:

  • Wide sealing range for maximum efficiency on FFS packing lines
  • Good hot tack and seal strength to ensure seal integrity at very low temperatures
  • Low seal initiation temperature to maximise the packing line speeds at our customers
  • High puncture resistance and mechanical strength for maximum product protection

With our customer’s operating efficiencies as key priority, our films are tailored to maximise the filling line speeds on VFFS and HFFS (Flow Wrap) packing lines reducing downtime and minimizing operating costs.

The quality of our printing is second to none and all of our frozen food packaging films can be printed in up to 10 colours in Flextreme™ (HD Flexo) for maximum consumer appeal and shelf impact.

We can also offer laser perforation capability to maximise line speed requirements and minimize any food contamination risks.