Welcome to Flexoplast

Flexoplast is a lean & mean flexible packaging company with focus on planet, partnerships, performance and premium quality.

We offer sustainable flexible packaging film for companies that require film in bulk, from any industry.


frozen foods

  • Improving your shelf impact
  • Optimizing your production
  • Securing your supply chain

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beverage & dairy

  • Bundling your value pack
  • Increasing your line efficiency
  • Boosting your shelf impact

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  • Tasteful protecting your food
  • Reducing your (food) waste
  • Maximising product appeal

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growing substrates

  • Boosting  greenhouse yield
  • Production line optimization
  • Minimising your total costs

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Industrial applications

  • Protecting your products
  • Securing your supply chain
  • Breakthroughs in production

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Our value pack:

Planet, Partnerships, Performance and Premium Quality, fully supports your value proposition and helps to improve your customer satisfaction. Our two centers of excellence; blown film extrusion and printing & converting, are equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art machines. Discover our colourful advanced and high professional film possibilities for your products and improve your sales, production line efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Our Corporate Social Responsibity policy consists of our 5 pillars:
People > Planet > Profit > Process > Packaging

Looking at the above mentioned 5 P’s, we focus both on (global) food waste and the environmental impact of Plastics.

We strictly follow the rules and advice of KIDV and Rethink
Rethink is a joint initiative of the plastic producing and plastics processing industry in the Netherlands, its products and the plastic recyclers.

Flexoplast recently introduced its new PCR product, named: Flex-R. Download our whitepaper to lean more about it:

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